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What happens when your products are not ductile?

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Grade definitions 

Common misconception!
There is a common misconception that G10 components do not perform well in extreme environments. The reality is, unlike chain, the grade of a component does not correlate to hardness. Therefore, both the hardness and charpy values of a component, like a master link, must be evaluated to determine if the hardware is suitable for harsh conditions.  Basing the decision on grade alone can put people and property at serious risk. 


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What is hydrogen embrittlement and what can I do to mitigate the risk? 

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Global Product Manager - Felix Nyberg

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Causes for Hydrogen induced cracking


How to mitigate corrosion in a marine environment?

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How to recognize fatigue?

  What is fatigue?

  • Fatigue is the weakening of material caused by repeated loads that leads  to growth of a crack
  • Fatigue can occur at lower load than WLL


  Factors affecting fatigue

  • Damage
  • Corrosion
  • The properties of the steel
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Combating fatigue:

  • Choose a product that is designed and tested for longer fatigue life
  • Corrosion protection
  • Choose a product with higher WLL

Stages of fatigue

1. Crack Inititation
  • Usually at weak points or damaged areas.


2. Crack Growth
  • Slowly at first and then more rapidly


3. Catastrophic Failure

Fatigue 1

Fatigue 2.2

Fatigue 3.2

Vertical integration 

Vertically integrated manufacturing includes:

  • Cross checking raw materials

  • Design & engineering

  • Die creation

  • Cutting

  • Forging

  • Machining

  • Heat treatment

  • Powder coating/galvanizing

  • Assembly

  • Testing

  • User manual & documentation

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