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Safety can never be compromised

Safety is of utmost importance, not only for your operations, but for the environment as well. A single fish pen breakage can significantly impact both nature and your associated business. It is vital that the products you use every day outperform the regulating standards, so your business can go on as planned.  

Extreme environments force you to push boundaries every day, and we do the same for you

Increase the safety and efficiency of your operations while tackling the toughest environments with our wide range of products, including hot dip galvanized welded chain slings and shackles. With our portfolio you can achieve:
  • Fewer incidents due to reduced corrosion and fatigue resulting in less wear on the hardware and longer product lifetime.
  • Quicker and easier inspections due to fewer components, hot dip galvanization/anodes and design features, such as mounting holes on the plates.
  • Faster assembly time with our unique design, which makes the products lighter and easier to handle.
Together we can set the new standard for safe mooring.
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